2023: A Year of Breakthrough Global Progress at Mercy For Animals

Every day, we give hope to farmed animals and build a brighter future for the planet!

Because of your unwavering support, in 2023 over 100 million hens, calves, and pigs were spared confinement in cruel cages, and more than 300 million were spared some of the worst abuses. And these numbers are growing—with every call you make to legislators and every email you send to corporations. 

We released eight undercover and drone investigations this year, including a look at the heartbreaking conditions mother pigs are forced to endure in factory farms. New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof featured the investigation in an explosive story shared with 140 million readers.

2023 has shown us that our collective power can move the world’s largest institutions to change. From marching in the streets of New York to speaking at United Nations events, we are ensuring that important decision-makers hear our message.

In the United States, we’ve been influencing the Farm Bill and building power for farmed animals in Congress—prompting the introduction of forward-looking policies, like the Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act, aimed at protecting farmed animals and holding Big Meat accountable. 

In India, we worked with government officials in six states, moving them to issue bans on cruel crates for pregnant and mother pigs. 

We partnered with companies to put plant-based options on menus. Subway, the world’s largest restaurant chain, veganized its chicken teriyaki sub in more than 780 restaurants across Mexico. More than 70 media outlets covered the launch, spreading the word far and wide.

Brazil’s largest hotel chain, Accor, introduced its first plant-based cafe after more than a year of planning with Mercy For Animals. The cafe will serve as a pilot aimed at expansion to Accor locations across Brazil.

Additionally, our work with educational institutions is placing plant-based meals front and center. In 2023, we trained around a thousand school chefs and staff and supported over 700 schools in serving plant-based meals to students. 

Our global impact this year wouldn’t have been possible without you. Let’s make an even bigger difference in 2024! Join us!