Mercy For Animals Named “Standout Charity” by Animal Charity Evaluators

Mercy For Animals has been named one of the world’s most effective animal protection organizations by Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE).

ACE is an independent group that recognizes organizations creating the greatest impact for animals. The group conducts a thorough analysis of each reviewed charity that includes assessing programs, finances, human resource policies, and the capacity to use more funding. 

In recommending Mercy For Animals as a standout charity, ACE has this to say: 

We think that MFA has strongly contributed to strengthening the animal advocacy movement by conducting farmed animal investigations and research. Additionally, we think that the programs’ focus on helping numerous and neglected animal groups such as farmed chickens and fishes increases their effectiveness.

ACE also notes that our corporate outreach aimed at reducing suffering for chickens can impact a great number of animals and that Mercy For Animals operates in some of the most critical countries, including the United States, India, and Brazil, where the potential to create significant impact for animals is highest. 

As to whether Mercy For Animals uses funds on efficient, outcome-driven approaches, ACE states that “almost all of MFA’s spending on programs goes toward outcomes, countries, and helping species which we think are a high priority.”

ACE also used our Farmed Animal Opportunity Index as part of their evaluation of all charities to determine whether charities are working in high-impact regions.

ACE’s review and recommendation show that your gift to Mercy For Animals does the most good for the most animals. You can learn more about Animal Charity Evaluators’ recommendations here

Mercy For Animals is honored to be recognized again for turning each dollar you donate into meaningful results for animals. Join us by making a gift today.