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All-Vegan Cheese Shop Opens in Los Angeles!

Vromage, an entirely plant-based cheese shop, has officially opened its doors at a new West Hollywood location!

According to the Vromage website, the owner, Youssef Fakhouri, “has been refining his product since he began at le Vegan in Los Angeles in 2009. After years of passionate persistence, his product has evolved into the diverse masterpiece that it is today.

This shop features cheeses like mozzarella, brie, and “Veganzola, a vegan gorgonzola, and spotlights an array of amazing artisan cheeses that are made with nuts, including cashews and almonds.

The shop also offers several menu items, including a Caprese salad and the “Vromage Platter, which features select cheeses with nuts and fruit.

Not only are these cheeses delicious (trust us!), but they also have the potential to spare countless animals from a life of suffering on today’s factory farms.

Not in Los Angeles? You can order online!

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