America’s First-Ever Vegan Butcher Shop Opening in Minneapolis

A new piece by Mashable highlights the opening of America’s first-ever vegan butcher shop, The Herbivorous Butcher!

After blowing past their Kickstarter fundraising goal of $50,000, brother and sister Kale and Aubry Walch are moving from their always popular table at the Minneapolis Farmers Market to a brick-and-mortar home of their own. (And yes, we noticed his name was Kale!)

“The two had spent years perfecting their very own meat-free meats. When the store opens on Jan. 23, the two plan to offer 35 vegan meats, cheeses, and butters, explains the author.

From jalapeño cheddar brats to Huli Huli Hawaiian ribs and maple-glazed bacon, this shop will offer something for everyone! In fact, it will even boast a variety of handcrafted vegan cheeses like Camembert and dill havarti!

These products are not only guaranteed to be delicious, but also have the potential to spare countless animals from a life of suffering on factory farms.

Not in Minneapolis? Preorder now for shipping the first week of February!

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