Introducing The Mission, a New Behind-the-Scenes Video Series

Introducing The Mission, a new video series that gives you a behind-the-scenes peek at Mercy For Animals’ life-changing work! The series showcases the impact that Mercy For Animals staff, volunteers, and investigators—and you—have in moving the needle for farmed animals and creating a world in which animals are respected, protected, and free.

Mercy For Animals works to eradicate our cruel food system and replace it with one that is not just kind to animals but essential for the future of our planet and all who share it. Each quarter, we will release a new video on a different topic related to this journey. You can keep up with the exciting series by visiting our website.

Our first episode features the Halley family, who—with the help of Mercy For Animals’ Transfarmation Project—transitioned their family farm in northeast Texas from raising chickens to growing hemp.

An increasing number of farmers want out of animal agriculture. Through Transfarmation, Mercy For Animals is able to support these farmers in switching from raising animals to growing crops. Halley family member Devvy Deany described her decision:

A couple years ago I decided to move back and help out the family with trying to find another way to make an income. Let’s see, you know, what else we could do besides factory farming and get away from that terrible practice of killing animals. And we were fortunate that we found a project through Mercy For Animals called the Transfarmation Project.

When Devvy returned home to her family’s farm, she made a pact with the family to transition the farm from raising chickens to growing a sustainable crop. She also opened her own dog sanctuary, Let Love Live. The Halley family plans to create a line of CBD oil to help rescued animals with anxiety, pain, and even hunger issues.

Mercy For Animals supporters enable us to encourage family farmers like the Halleys to help reform our food system from the inside. We will continue to bring you inspiring behind-the-scenes stories of this work through The Mission series, so stay tuned! Together, we will create a compassionate, sustainable food system.

If you’re not already a supporter, join us and start making a difference for animals (and humans!) today.