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Proposed Law Would FORCE Grocers to Sell Eggs From Caged Hens

Time and again, factory farm lobbyists have opposed commonsense animal protection laws by saying “let the market decide. Now that the market is deciding, these lobbyists are changing their tune.

In the past few years, over 100 leading grocery chains, including Costco, Hy-Vee, Target, and Walmart, have all pledged to stop selling eggs from chickens confined in “battery cages, cages so small that these smart and social creatures can’t even spread their wings. Though far from ideal, these cage-free pledges will spare countless animals one of the worst forms of farmed animal cruelty and are great examples of the free market in action.

The industry’s response? Instead of listening to their customers and moving toward cage-free facilities, some egg producers are backing horrible bills in Iowa—the nation’s largest egg-producing state—that would actually make these pledges illegal. You read that right! They want to force grocery stores to sell eggs from cruelly caged hens.

A recent Mercy For Animals undercover investigation of a major battery cage egg producer shows why companies need to follow through on their cage-free pledges immediately.

Ironically, this unconscionable proposal is the opposite of a free market. Thankfully, you can “let the market decide by taking eggs out of your diet and moving toward a compassionate plant-based diet.

Live in Iowa? You can also click here to quickly call and email your lawmakers and ask them to oppose this awful proposal. 

Live in California? Help us ban battery cages for good by supporting our latest ballot initiative campaign.