BREAKING! Mexico’s Historic Farmed Animal Protection Legislation Moves Forward

Last year a brave Mercy For Animals investigator went undercover at government-owned slaughterhouses across Mexico and documented horrific cruelty.

In response, nine members of Mexico’s congress from four different parties introduced historic legislation that would criminalize slaughtering an animal who had not been properly stunned. Recently Mexico’s justice and agriculture commissions of the federal congress voted in favor of the proposal.

Today the entire chamber of deputies passed the groundbreaking legislation! Even though the bill has a long road ahead, its approval by this congressional body is a major step toward getting it signed into law.

The shocking video footage that led to the landmark legislation exposed heinous animal cruelty at several municipal slaughterhouses throughout Mexico: cows and pigs violently kicked and beaten, painfully shocked with electric prongs in their faces and eyes, stabbed repeatedly and left to choke on their own blood and vomit, and even cut open while still conscious and able to feel pain.

See for yourself.

While Mexico’s progress could certainly help reduce suffering for countless farmed animals, the best way to help spare them from unspeakable cruelty is to leave them off your plate. Click here for tips on switching to a compassionate vegan diet.