New Report: Vegan Food to Be Megatrend of 2018

Leading hospitality consulting firm Baum + Whiteman recently published its 2018 Food & Beverage Forecast, which states that vegan food will be a megatrend of the coming year.

The firm’s report lists a number of encouraging statistics: 83 percent of Americans incorporate plant-based foods into their diets for health reasons; 58 percent of adults drink nondairy milk; and in the past year, Google searches for “vegan have increased by 90 percent.

As to why the consumption of vegan food is growing at such a rapid rate, the report states:
Millennials and Gen Xers are embracing “plant-based” food while still young … and probably sticking with it. So we’re looking at a generational divide with younger people mainstreaming plant-based diets … the very folk, one would think, who are the restaurant industry’s prime targets.
The firm predicts that restaurants in 2018 will offer meals that target plant-based eaters, while new vegan restaurants will seek higher-level investors. It also predicts that vegan cheese on burgers and pizza will become “commonplace.

Similarly, last year Baum + Whiteman accurately predicted a boom in vegan meats as meat lovers wean themselves off animal products.

The firm’s predictions align with the findings of many other agencies and organizations. Last month a study commissioned by the Plant Based Foods Association and The Good Food Institute revealed that the plant-based foods market topped $3.1 billion in sales. And the research firm Global Data reports that veganism in America has increased by 600 percent since 2014.

Additionally, the market research company Mintel recently found that the number of vegan products in Australia had increased by 92 percent since 2014, and Lux Research expects plant-based proteins to make up a third of the global protein market by 2054.

This shift away from animal products is great news for the countless animals who suffer horribly at factory farms. Cows, pigs, and chickens raised and killed for food are just as smart and sensitive as the dogs and cats we adore at home. But at factory farms, animals are subjected to unimaginable cruelties: extreme confinement, brutal mutilations, and violent deaths.

See for yourself.

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