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Bye-Bye Beef: Restaurants Offering More Veg Options

An article on Main highlights a decrease in American beef consumption as well as a growing market for vegetarian options at chains like Chipotle and White Castle.

According to the author, “The new options come as Washington and the United Nations are pushing plant-based diets to save the environment and lower health care costs. The restaurant chains, however, say they’re just answering consumer demand with new products, not letting bureaucrats lead them by the nose.

The author also explains that millenials have been at the forefront of this growing demand, actively expressing an interest in plant-based options, whether they’re strictly veg or not.

Just last week, Ikea announced it would add vegan meatballs to all of its U.S. locations after an online petition urged the company to add vegan options to its café menus.

Looking for other great veg options at chain restaurants near you? Here are a few of our favorites:

With the addition of more and more veg options to menus across the country every day, there’s never been a better time to move towards a vegan diet.

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