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USDA Inspector: “People are going to eat sh*t

Factory farms are not only breeding grounds for unconscionable animal abuse, they are also often the sites of food safety violations that can sicken consumers.

And it sounds like things are going from bad to worse. Salon reports, “The USDA is piloting a new pork inspection program that features sped-up lines and a reduction in government inspectors—and its own inspectors are now speaking out publicly in condemnation of it.

As one inspector observes: “It’s not whether or not people are going to eat shit—they are. It’s just how much.

About 20 USDA inspectors are working on this pilot program. At least four have spoken out against increased line speeds and claimed the program gives the meat industry too much control by vesting the task of detecting contamination in employees. Not only are these employees improperly trained, they also lack the legal protections to speak freely about food safety concerns.

“I have witnessed company employees personally condemn the plant’s products and then attempt to sneak the condemned carcasses past me when I turned away. The company threatens plant employees with terminations if they see them condemning too many carcasses or carcass parts, says one inspector.

Undercover investigations conducted by Mercy For Animals have documented the filthy conditions and egregious mishandling to which farmed animals are subjected. In these dire environments, animal cruelty and human health hazards run rampant.

Luckily, companies like Gardein and Beyond Meat make delicious plant-based meats that are harmless and taste amazing.

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