Campaign Spotlight: MFA’s Pro-Vegetarian Library Displays

Intellectually inclined students and community members gather at community libraries to share and exchange ideas and information.  Mercy For Animals has long reached out this is audience through our pro-vegetarian library displays – featuring thought-provoking panels detailing the suffering cows, pigs, chickens, and fish endure on factory farms. The exhibit also arms viewers with step-by-step tips on making the transition to a healthy plant-based diet.

Check out these photos from some of the display’s most recent appearances in Chicago.

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MFA’s vegetarian library display campaign has impacted thousands of individuals, making frequent appearances at libraries throughout Ohio, Chicago, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Vegetarian Starter Kits typically accompany the display, providing take-home information on the health, ethical, and environmental benefits of a vegetarian diet, as well as mouth-watering recipes.