Chenoa Manor: Giving Sanctuary to Abused Farm Animals

“Chenoa” is a Native American term meaning “white dove,” a figure of peace, which perfectly symbolizes the work done at Chenoa Manor animal sanctuary. Chenoa’s 25 acres in Chester County, Pennsylvania are home to over 200 animals, including those rescued from factory farms, cruel laboratory experiments, the exotic pet trade or while en route to slaughter.

Chenoa Manor is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization, which not only serves as a safe haven for animals, but as a youth-assistance facility. Chenoa fosters the development of positive relationships between at-risk teenagers and animals, in order to instill in these youth compassion and respect toward others. Chenoa also promotes non-violence toward all sentient creatures by advocating a humane, vegetarian diet.

Dr. Robert Teti, Chenoa Manor’s Executive Director, founded the organization in 2003. As a licensed veterinarian, Dr. Teti also provides the animal residents’ veterinary care and attends to their daily needs. Additionally, he holds a degree in Animal Science and has lent his expertise to MFA in reviewing our investigative footage and providing written statements attesting to the pain and suffering of the animals depicted in the videos.

Since Chenoa Manor’s inception, dedicated contributors and volunteers have enabled Chenoa to erect fencing, maintain pastures and renovate several barns. Last year volunteers constructed a rabbit warren, offering a spacious enclosure for Chenoa’s rabbit residents, as well as a small pond for their waterfowl residents.

This year Chenoa Manor plans for the exciting renovation of a 200-year-old, three-story barn. Renovation of this barn will not only provide Chenoa with isolation areas for new or ill animals, but with an area for youth-animal interaction regardless of weather conditions, as well as space for farm-inspired murals and other youth-created artwork.

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