Canadian Study: You May Be Eating Horse Meat and Not Even Know It

According to the CBC, a study revealed that one in five sausages contained meat other than that on the label.

The study, funded by the Canadian government, tested 100 sausages purported to contain just one of four ingredients: beef, pork, chicken, or turkey. Robert Hanner, lead author of the study, said, “About one in five of the sausages we tested had some off-label ingredients in them, which is alarming.”

Among other findings, seven of 27 beef sausages contained pork, one of 38 pork sausages (labeled 100 percent pork) contained horse meat, five of 20 chicken sausages contained turkey or beef, and five of 15 turkey sausages contained no turkey at all—just chicken.

Mislabeling meat can be dangerous for consumers, but eating meat of any kind is horrible for billions of animals who suffer at factory farms and slaughterhouses.

A recent Mercy For Animals investigation in Canada at several Lilydale supplier farms exposed workers hitting, kicking, and throwing live birds; jamming them into overcrowded transport crates; running over them with forklifts; and ripping off their heads and legs.


It’s clear that one ingredient can be found in all meat sausages: cruelty.

You have the power to end your support of this abusive industry. Click here for recipes and tips on eating a plant-based diet.