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Doctors Prescribe Veganism as “Solution” to Heart Disease

Doctors Prescribe Veganism as
CBC News reports that a vegan cardiologist in Ontario is prescribing healthy dietary changes instead of relying on cholesterol-lowering pharmaceuticals. Dr. Shane Williams counsels his patients to eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes, and to leave animal products off their plates.

Dr. Williams observes that the results in his patients have been “amazing.”

Prominent cardiovascular pathologist Dr. William Roberts agrees that a vegan diet is the solution to heart disease, which kills 47,627 Canadians each year.

According to Dr. Roberts, humans are really herbivores, and heart disease is caused by not being vegan. The structure of our teeth and the length of our intestines indicate that humans are designed to eat plants. Meat consumption is linked not only to heart disease, but to cancer and diabetes too. And in cultures that follow plant-based diets heart disease is virtually unheard of. 

Dr. John McDougall, a physician and leading authority on diet and disease, says that prescription drugs should be a last resort. Instead, heart disease should be prevented and treated with a healthful diet that excludes animal products.

In addition to being better for us, a vegan diet is much better for farmed animals, who are tormented and tortured by the cruel factory farming industry. Check out for everything you need to know about leaving heart disease and animal cruelty off the menu.