Consumers Nationwide Express Outrage Over Egg Industry’s Dirty Secret

When confronted with images of the cruel and violent nature inherent in industrial egg production, most consumers find standard egg industry practices hard to swallow. In the wake of the release of MFA’s newest undercover investigation – exposing live male chicks being dropped into a grinder at the world’s largest egg industry hatchery – comment boards, Twitter accounts, and blogs around the world have been filled with words of outrage from consumers.

Here is what some (former egg) consumers are saying:

“Kudos to these folks for going out there and fighting the good fight! I’m not eating eggs anymore, that’s for certain.”

“This is very difficult to watch. On the road to vegan.”

“I actually watched some of it. Cheap eggs are not worth it.”

“That is beyond gruesome. Another argument for making damn sure you know where your food is coming from… How anyone can be so dismissive of grinding up live baby chicks is unimaginable to me. That this is an industry-wide practice is just sickening.”

“I will never eat eggs again. How someone can view this video and support this in any way is beyond me.”

“I am done eating animal products. Period. Ever. I’m going to the bookstore tomorrow to find out how to eat only veggies, beans, etc., and stay healthy, without meat or dairy products.”

“The thing that disturbs me even more than the destruction of these chicks is that they are DELIBERATELY being created/bred by humans for our own purposes. In other words, it’s not accidental; they are being created with the foreknowledge that half of the chicks will be killed. Talk about abuse of power.”

“This is a disgrace! It makes me feel sick in my stomach! How can people do this for a living, grinding up chicks? What has happened to our society? This is such an eye-opener, I’m officially turning to vegetarianism as of now!”

“Seems like the best solution is to not eat chicken or eggs. Supply and demand. Take away the demand and the supply will have to dry up. We the people have more power in our hands than we think. It doesn’t take brute force or weapons, just using our minds and hearts to make the right choices with how our hard earned dollars are spent. Of course we can’t do anything about the tax dollars used to support the cattle industry but maybe if no one buys beef even the government will run away from a losing proposition and turn that money over to sustainable energy instead.”

“Hy-line North America execs should be tried and serve jail time comparable to Vick’s.”

“God bless you for exposing the unspeakable horrors going on toward baby chicks. I will never eat an egg again…”

“I had no idea what cruelty I was supporting by eating eggs and meat. I sit here in tears, thank you for the wake-up call.”

“Thank you for your difficult and emotional work. I don’t want to be in the dark when it comes to the treatment of animals, and I had no idea about the egg hatcheries. I’m a lacto/ovo/pesco organic vegetarian and a terrible cook, but I think I just became a vegan…”

“Thank you for informing about the baby chicks. I was shocked! My family will no longer use eggs as of today…Thank you for your work.”

“I saw the chick grinding video and I wanted to vomit. I did try the veg lifestyle about 25 years ago and felt better by doing it. I think I will go back to it again after seeing the video.”

“I’ve been eating in a way that I thought was very healthy for a few years, but I just watched a few of the animal videos… I think that I am ready to go Vegan!”

Ditching eggs is simple. Click here to watch a cooking video highlighting numerous healthy and delicious egg alternatives. Cooking cruelty-free has never been easier.