Dishing the Dirt on Dairy

In honor of World Farm Animals Day, volunteers with the Cleveland, Ohio Mercy For Animals chapter hosted a free vegan dinner and “The Dirt on Dairy” lecture with George Eisman, RD at the Cleveland Heights Library. Eisman is Nutrition Director for The Coalition for Cancer Prevention and a professor of nutrition since 1980. He delivered a powerful presentation detailing the ever-growing body of research which shows that milk and dairy products are not only unnecessary for good health but contribute to numerous severe health problems.

This empowering event attracted record attendance, bringing in over 160 people – many of whom were previously unaware of any negative health effects from dairy consumption. A team of volunteers in Cleveland put together a delicious vegan meal for all attendees, introducing many for the first time to dairy-free versions of macaroni & cheese, pizza, casseroles, quiche, chocolate pudding, ice-cream, cookies, fudge, etc.

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