Eggs-posed: New Investigation Reaches Millions of Canadians

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Mercy For Animals Canada’s latest investigation into the cruel Canadian egg industry has revealed shocking systemic abuse that has gripped the nation.

Hidden-camera video shot at two factory farms in Alberta–Creekside Grove Farms and Kuku Farms–exposes thousands of hens crammed into barren battery cages with no room to even stretch their wings, trapped and injured chickens left to suffer without veterinary care, dead hens left in cages with live hens, and chicks having their heads smashed and being thrown into garbage bags to suffocate or into incinerators to be burned alive.

The disturbing footage first aired on CTV’s “W5.” The hard-hitting episode not only revealed the egg industry’s cruel practices but served as a scathing indictment against the evasive body that governs the egg industry. Following CTV’s broadcast, print, television and radio media from across the country picked up the story. Here is just some of that coverage:

Although unconscionably cruel, it is standard egg industry practice to cram hens into wire cages so small each bird has less space than the size of a sheet of notebook paper to live her entire life. Confining hens in barren battery cages is widely regarded as one of the most inhumane factory farming practices in existence. In fact, battery cages are so cruel they have been banned in the entire European Union, Switzerland, New Zealand, and the states of California and Michigan.

Kuku Farms is a major supplier of eggs to Burnbrae Farms–McDonald’s Canada’s exclusive egg provider. As the largest fast-food purchaser of eggs in Canada, McDonald’s Canada has the power and ethical responsibility to ensure that eggs used in its Egg McMuffins do not come from hens who were subjected to a lifetime of intensive confinement in barren battery cages.

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