Meet Kate. She’s one of the egg industry’s innocent victims.

This is Kate.

Kate with neck outstretched looking in camera.jpg

Like nearly all of Canada’s 27 million egg-laying hens, Kate was crammed inside a tiny wire cage, with less floor space than a sheet of notebook paper to live her entire miserable life.

Crowded together with nine other hens, Kate was unable to spread her wings, walk, play, see the sun, breathe fresh air, or do nearly anything that would make her life even remotely worth living.

For Kate, every day was a nightmare.

I am the undercover investigator with Mercy For Animals Canada who worked for over 10 weeks at two egg factory farms in Alberta. Every single day, I captured horrible and heartbreaking images on my hidden camera.

I met Kate one morning while doing “mortality checks.” As I sadly pulled the dead bodies of chickens out of the cages, I heard Kate screaming. I followed the screams and when I arrived at her cage, I saw that Kate was being trampled by the other hens in her overcrowded wire cage. Her back was nearly featherless, scratched and scraped raw.

Her desperate screams echoed through the barn and ring in my mind still.

Having seen Kate’s will to live, I knew I had to tell her story. Kate deserves to be viewed as the individual she is, not as a mere egg-producing machine.

She is more than that.

If Kate and the other hens are ever to live free of suffering, we must expose their plight. But I need your help and your support. 

Please support my vital work by making a contribution to Mercy For Animals Canada and help give a voice to Kate and all the other 700 million farmed animals who suffer in silence each year on Canada’s factory farms. Please also sign our petition and join over 14,000 people calling on McDonald’s Canada to implement a purchasing policy against eggs from suppliers that use battery cages.

So please, join me in standing up for all of these wonderful, sensitive and unique animals. They deserve a better life and with your help, we can create a kinder and more just future for farmed animals.

No hen should ever have to suffer as Kate did.

Thank you.


MFA Canada Undercover Investigator