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Factory Farm Cesspools Poisoning Poverty-Stricken Communities in NC

A recent feature in Quartz highlights the story of 500 residents in eastern North Carolina who have filed suit against Murphy Brown, the pork production arm of Smithfield Foods, which they claim has subjected them to nearly unlivable conditions.

The author explains, “They’re seeking damages over the cesspools, or lagoons as the industry calls them—uncovered earthen storage pools of waste. The complainants say the lagoons disrupt their lives and devalue their properties.

North Carolina is the second-largest pork producer in the United States, and residents in Duplin County are especially affected:

Home to about 530 hog operations with capacity for over 2 million pigs, it has one of the highest concentrations of large, tightly-controlled indoor hog operations, also known as CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) in the world. Here in Duplin, hogs outnumber humans almost 32 to 1.

At its core, this fight is against environmental injustice and the disproportionate oppression of communities of color.

Take a look at this shocking video of drone footage of pork facilities in North Carolina:

Pork producers not only demonstrate a blatant disregard for surrounding communities, but also treat the animals they raise like meat-producing machines.

Undercover investigations at hog farms around the country have revealed a culture of cruelty: animals subjected to extreme confinement, painful mutilations without painkillers, and a ruthless slaughter.

We can take a stand for oppressed people and animals by leaving meat off our plates. For more information, including delicious vegan recipes, click here.