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Fish Can Recognize Faces: Will You Stop Eating Them Now?

A recent Vox article discusses a new study that claims fish can recognize faces.

Published in the Scientific Report, the groundbreaking findings show that our finned friends are more intelligent than you may think. Even though they lack the complex brain structures of humans, archerfish learned to recognize human faces with surprising accuracy.

Scientists trained them to spit water at an image of a particular face in order to receive a food reward. They found the archerfish could distinguish one face from 44 others with up to 81 percent accuracy.


In a New York Times op-ed, ethologist Jonathan Balcombe made an excellent ethical argument against eating fish:
What I’ve uncovered indicates that we grossly underestimate these fabulously diverse marine vertebrates. The accumulating evidence leads to an inescapable conclusion: Fishes think and feel.
Fish are intelligent beings capable of feeling pain. This is no longer debated. What should be asked is whether it’s ethical to hook or net living beings, watch as they fight for their lives, and then ruthlessly skin them alive.

It’s time we started respecting fish as the complex, sentient creatures they are. It’s time we left them off our plates.

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