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Fusion Blows The Lid Off Chicken Farming

Late last year, Perdue contract chicken farmer Craig Watts got wind of a promotional video in which Perdue claimed all of its chickens were “humanely raised.

Recognizing that the birds were suffering, Watts contacted Compassion in World Farming to document the abuse and neglect inflicted on Perdue’s chickens at his North Carolina farm.

The investigative video gives viewers an inside look into a modern poultry farm, including the cramped, filthy conditions birds are forced to endure, and the callous exploitation that farmers like Watts withstand.

In an effort to maximize profits, Perdue has not only neglected the health of the birds in its care, but also of the farmers who painstakingly work to raise them, and incur serious financial hardship in the process.

Now, just a few months later, Watts has teamed up with Fusion to document his story. “We followed Craig as he wrestled with becoming a whistleblower, showed us the conditions on farms, got nationwide attention for stepping forward—and then saw how the chicken industry reacted.

You can see the full story, including the eight-part video series, here.

What’s more, since Watts came forward, he claims to have suffered retaliation from Perdue, and has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Labor.

This incredibly powerful story reminds us that the best thing we can do to protect animals and farmers is to withdraw our support of a system that works to maximize profits at any cost.

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