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Man Who Brought Us Glycemic Index Says Go Vegan

The man who brought us the glycemic index, and inspired many popular low-carb diets like South Beach and The Zone, is now encouraging us to go vegan.

The Globe and Mail explains, “But the individual health benefits are just the beginning. Though he’s well aware of the nutritional advantages, it was environmental and humanitarian concerns that pushed Jenkins to drop meat, eggs, fish and dairy from his diet.

It’s no secret that raising animals for food creates more greenhouse gas emissions than all the transportation in the world combined, and uses incredible amounts of land and water. In addition, The World Bank reports that the majority of Amazon deforestation has been to clear land for cattle grazing and growing feed for farmed animals.

“That someone such as Jenkins is advocating for a shift to a plant-based diet is significant: Shortly after receiving the Bloomberg Manulife Prize, he was invested into the Order of Canada for his contributions as a nutrition scientist committed to helping Canadians make informed food choices, the article continues.

While the healthfulness of food should always be taken into consideration, there are many factors that should influence which foods we buy, and which we avoid.

A plant-based diet is not only great for health and the environment, but it also spares countless animals a lifetime of suffering on modern farms, where they are subjected to extreme confinement, mutilations without painkillers, and ruthless slaughter.

Mercy For Animals has done several undercover investigations on Canadian factory farms revealing horrific animal abuse. Our latest investigation exposed the torture endured by farmed animals during transport. Crammed into overcrowded trailers and forced to endure grueling conditions in all weather extremes without food, water, or rest, every year in Canada more than 8 million farmed animals arrive at slaughterhouses dead or so sick or injured that they must be killed.

See for yourself:

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