Gallup: Majority of People Believe Animals Deserve Protection

Attitudes about animals are steadily shifting, and a new Gallup poll has revealed what many of us already knew: most people believe animals deserve protection from harm.

Now more than ever, people believe that animals should be extended the same protections from harm and exploitation as people: about a third of respondents feel this way today compared to a fourth of respondents back in 2008.

Gallup explains, “The percentage of Americans who support the idea that animals’ rights should be equal to those of humans increased across all major U.S. demographic groups. Women remain more likely to support this view than men do, but support among both groups has increased by a similar amount since 2008.

Despite the increased focus on farmed animal welfare in books and movies, the poll showed Americans are still less concerned for these animals than others, such as those used in research.

All animals have a capacity to feel pain as well as joy, and all are equally deserving of protection. Unfortunately, animals on modern farms are subjected to abuse and neglect, including extreme confinement, routine mutilations without painkillers, and cruel slaughter.

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