Walmart Pork Supplier Admits to Being Clueless

After MFA exposed horrific animal abuse for a second time at Seaboard Foods—a major Walmart pork supplier—the company issued a press release complaining it was the last to know how animals at its own facilities were treated. Instead of going to the police to report animal abuse at Seaboard Foods, the company says people should call its toll-free hotline.

Of course, people who witness animal abuse should report it to the police, and Seaboard should know what’s happening at its own facilities. But since it doesn’t, let’s take this opportunity to tell the company.

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s an inside look at how Seaboard treats pigs:

Although physical violence by workers against pigs is common, perhaps the worst form of institutionalized animal abuse at Seaboard is the use of inherently cruel gestation crates—barren metal and concrete cages that make it impossible for pigs to turn around or lie down comfortably for nearly their entire lives.

In fact, gestation crates are so inhumane they have been banned in nine U.S. states and many of Seaboard’s top competitors, including Smithfield and Hormel, are phasing them out. It’s time for Seaboard to do the same.

Please call Seaboard at 866-676-8886 and leave a polite message urging the company to ditch gestation crates. You can say, “Cramming animals in gestation crates so small they can barely move for nearly their entire lives is inherently cruel. Seaboard, please ditch gestation crates.

Then, please share the hidden-camera video with friends and encourage them to take action too. And if you haven’t already, please consider ending your support for needless cruelty to animals by adopting a compassionate vegan diet.