What Sounds Does a Happy Chicken Make? Researchers Decipher Calls

A recent Wall Street Journal article showcases a group of researchers who are working to decipher chicken language. The reason? To determine when chickens are stressed, unhappy, or sick.

According to the article, “It is a matter of profit for commercial chicken growers, who lose money on sick or uncomfortable birds. Chickens with feathers ruffled by heat or cold or illness don’t eat as well or fatten up as quickly as healthy, contented ones. Farmers say if software can alert them to warning sounds from their flocks, they can act quickly to adjust chicken-house temperatures or treat sick birds.

While it’s wonderful that this new information could be used to somewhat improve the lives of birds forced to endure factory farm conditions, as long as animals are treated as mere commodities from which to profit, animal abuse and neglect will continue to run rampant on modern farms.

The best thing we can do to keep chickens and other animals safe and happy is to leave them off our plates.

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