Vegan Father and Son Ultramarathoners Raise Funds for MFA

Meet Logan and Moe Beaulieu, quite possibly the only competitive vegan father and son ultramarathoners on the planet. Not only are they incredible role models for vegan athletes everywhere, but Logan and his father, Moe, are big supporters of MFA and raise money for the animals through their runs whenever possible. We caught up with the father-and-son duo, to find out more about their inspiring journeys.

Logan, what made you decide to become vegan?

I became vegan for ethical reasons due to the nightmarish conditions of factory farms, but the more I researched, the more I learned about the health benefits of following a plant-based diet. If a person tackles a vegan diet, the benefits can be great. I feel so much better physically, mentally, and emotionally. I recover much quicker after races now than when I first started running ultramarathons over two decades ago. Knowing that I am the healthiest I can be by following a plant-based diet and that heart disease, diabetes, and all cancers are greatly reduced or even reversed by following a plant-based diet is a great feeling. Weight is also easily controlled, so I am always at my race weight.

Moe, your journey has been amazing, including beating throat cancer. What are some of the biggest ways that switching to a vegan diet has affected you?

A big one is that I have more energy and recover quicker from my ultramarathon runs, which are up to 100 miles, at age 70 than I did in my fifties. Has to be my vegan diet, as I am doing everything else the same. And, of course, it’s been four years since I went vegan and had my last chemo or radiation treatment and I have been three and a half years cancer-free.

Logan, what words of wisdom do you have for athletes interested in eating more vegan foods?

Athletes in all sports excel by following a vegan diet. The recovery, which is very important in all sports, is greatly accelerated through veganism. To anybody wishing to tackle a vegan diet: the rewards are many and great!

Moe, how many ultramarathons have you completed and what inspires you to keep competing?

I have completed 130 ultramarathons. My family, friends, and those in my run group inspire me. Especially my son, Logan, with his tremendous drive and work ethic to succeed at ultras. I am also inspired by my fellow cancer survivors and cancer fighters.

Logan, anything you’d like to add?

Everything I do is to improve myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. I believe meat consumption to be so very negative. When meat is consumed so too is the pain and suffering, the torture, terror, horror, the helplessness, and the voicelessness. This is not fair to the animals and what we are doing to this planet is not fair to the next generation. I believe if you exercise and eat a vegan diet you will be the healthiest you have ever been, feel the best that you’ve ever felt, and you will have a clear, guilt-free conscience.

Not only can you experience excellent health following a plant-based lifestyle, but you can also enjoy exceptional levels of fitness and athletic performance. In addition to helping athletes perform at the top of their games, a vegan diet reduces the risk of top killers such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Check out for more information on transitioning to a plant-based diet.