Glow Star Kate Nash Is Vegan and Has Never Felt Better

Star of Netflix’s hit show GLOW, Kate Nash went vegan a year ago and said she’s never felt better.

Nash, who was vegetarian for eight years prior to going vegan last July, said she had a sudden understanding that every single animal, like her childhood bunny, had a personality. She added that since ditching animal products, she has a much more positive outlook on life and her body, having been body shamed in recent years.

Nash joins many other celebrities who have enjoyed improved health after switching to a plant-based diet. In fact, Mustafa Shakir, who plays John “Bushmaster McIver in season two of Netflix’s hit series Luke Cage, recently credited his incredible stunts to his plant-based diet made up of beans, fruits, and vegetables. What’s more, while “bulking up for his roles in Thor and The Avengers, Chris Hemsworth decided to go vegan. And more recently, Zac Efron told Teen Vogue he’d “been experimenting with eating purely vegan.

Countless studies have shown that eating vegan is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Experts have discovered that a plant-based diet reduces one’s risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. What’s more, a recent study from Harvard Medical School found that at least one-third of early deaths could be prevented if everyone cut out animal products.

It should come as no surprise that many of the world’s top athletes are vegan, including NFL players David Carter and Colin Kaepernick, bodybuilder and strongman competitor Patrik Baboumian, professional soccer player Lionel Messi, NBA star JaVale McGee, and tennis champ Serena Williams.

Don’t believe us? Watch this video of professional vegan athletes!

But a vegan diet isn’t just great for your health; it also spares countless farmed animals a life of misery. From throwing chicks into macerators to tearing baby cows from their mothers, the factory farming industry routinely abuses animals. What’s worse, this systematic torture is 100 percent legal.

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