God Save the Cows! Half of UK Dairy Farmers Plan to Call It Quits

According to the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers, nearly half of UK dairy producers are planning to leave the industry.

The Western Morning News explains that with milk prices down, “The loss of dairy farmers continues abated with 434 quitting in the last 12 months during which period over £1 billion has been wiped off farmgate incomes due to falling milk prices.

While there is a variety of factors influencing milk prices in the UK, it is certainly good news for cows who are treated as milk-producing machines by the industry.

Every time Mercy For Animals’ undercover investigators go behind the closed doors of dairy factory farms they document acts of animal abuse that shock and horrify most people.

Multiple investigations at dairy factory farms across the United States have exposed sickening cruelty to animals, including workers viciously beating, stabbing, and dragging sick and injured cows.

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