HORROR: Italian AR Group Goes Undercover and Blows Lid Off Prosciutto Industry

Italian animal rights group Essere Animali released a new undercover investigation of a Parma Ham supplier that exposed disgusting cruelty.

Heartbreaking footage shows sick pigs kicked and dragged into dark and dirty corridors where they’re left to die. It also reveals injured animals and animals with infected open wounds resulting from cannibalism, something that’s extremely common on factory farms due to overcrowding.


As Mercy For Animals investigations have repeatedly shown, the pork industry is rife with torturous conditions for these highly intelligent, emotional animals.

Pregnant mothers are commonly forced to live in cages so small the animals cannot even turn around or take a few steps for months at a time. Newborn male piglets often have their scrotums sliced open with razorblades and their testicles torn out by hand.

If we wouldn’t treat dogs or cats in such appalling ways, how can we pay the meat industry to do it to pigs? Each one of us has the power to say no to animal abuse by replacing animal products with