How to “Adopt” a Rescued Farmed Animal This New Year

As the new year begins, it’s a perfect time to consider how we can show compassion for animals. One effective way to make a positive impact is by adopting or sponsoring a rescued farmed animal. By supporting a local farmed animal sanctuary, we can help these gentle beings get a new chance in life. Animal sanctuaries worldwide work tirelessly to help farmed animals, and many offer opportunities to sponsor particular animals. Here are a few rescued animals you can support today.


Wawa is a goat who lives at Austin Farm Sanctuary. She was found on the side of a road in a residential area with no farmland nearby. Despite her situation, Wawa is a confident, curious, and friendly goat. She has a spunky personality, is demanding at mealtime, enjoys running around and playing, and loves to snuggle up with a friend.

Learn more about Wawa at Austin Farm Sanctuary here. 


Sophia was left outside Central Texas Pig Rescue by her previous family, who disappeared and never returned. This was the second time her family abandoned her. Sophia is a loving and affectionate pig who craves attention whenever someone is nearby. Central Texas Pig Rescue is grateful to be able to provide her with the love and care she deserves.

Learn more about Sophia at Central Texas Pig Rescue here


Ash is very friendly and warmhearted, with a sunny personality and a signature nuzzle that wins the hearts of everyone he meets. Unfortunately, Ash didn’t always receive love and care. He used to live at a farm with a farmer who claimed to have rescued his flock, but the sheep lacked adequate food, water, and shelter and had to endure subzero temperatures. These days, Ash is one of the friendliest members of the flock. He greets visitors with excitement and even tries to climb into their laps to show his affection. 

Learn more about Ash at Farm Sanctuary here


Peaceful Fields Sanctuary rescued Watson from the dairy industry in West Virginia. He is a gentle giant whose kisses feel “like a water park ride” and whose handsome face brings pure joy to everyone. Watson is over six feet tall and weighs 1,500 pounds, so even from a distance, visitors can clearly see him enjoying sanctuary life. Watson loves his pear tree, which helps him scratch and provides plenty of summertime snacks!

Learn more about Watson at Peaceful Fields Sanctuary here. 

Feathered Friends

Unity Farm Sanctuary is home to various birds, including chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, and turkeys, who are free to roam around the sanctuary. The geese serve as guards and alert others to strangers in the area, and the turkeys and ducks are very social. Each bird has a unique name and personality.

Learn more about the feathered friends at Unity Farm Sanctuary here.

Adopting or sponsoring a rescued farmed animal is a truly transformative experience for both you and the animal. By opening our hearts to these animals, we tap into the empathy within us and gain a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of all beings. 

We can also help create a more compassionate world through our food choices, eating more plant-based foods and encouraging others to follow our lead. Download our free How to Eat Veg guide today.