Impossible Burger Outsells Traditional Ground Beef at This Grocery Store

Since its retail launch on September 20, Impossible Burger by plant-based company Impossible Foods has remained the number one packaged item at Gelson’s Market! Not only that, in both revenue and pounds, Gelson’s has sold more Impossible Burger than traditional ground beef.

Impossible Foods first launched its much-anticipated Impossible Burger at 27 Gelson’s supermarkets in Southern California, where it quickly outsold the second most popular grocery store item by more than six times. John Bagan, Gelson’s chief merchandising officer, stated:
No one could have predicted this level of pent-up demand for Impossible Burger. We had die-hard Impossible fans buying 10 packages at a time, and we saw a record number of new customers who have never shopped Gelson’s before. It’s the biggest product launch we’ve ever had.
On September 26, East Coast grocery stores Wegmans and Fairway Market began offering Impossible Burger. It swiftly became the number one bestselling item in the meat department at both Fairway locations in Manhattan.

Impossible Burger patties are already sold at more than 10,000 restaurants around the world, including Burger King, Red Robin, and White Castle. Tricia Scanlon, a bartender at a Red Robin in New York, told The New York Times:
I can’t believe how many people are going crazy over it. A lot of people have been asking for it, people that are vegetarians or vegans. Everybody who lives that lifestyle absolutely loves it.
Need any more signs that Impossible Foods is blowing up? Yelp listed Impossible Burger among the five biggest popularity spikes of 2019, and Impossible Burger recently ranked among Grubhub’s top three most popular food orders for both the Midwest and the West Coast, nabbing the number one slot in the Midwest!

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