Is This the End of Meat?

A recent article by the Associated Press highlights the meat alternative industry and how it’s revolutionizing the way we think and eat.

Startups like Beyond Meat and Hampton Creek Foods are making meat, dairy, and egg substitutes trendy and delicious. The AP article discusses how these companies are testing new methods to create foods that not only taste good, but also mimic their counterpart’s textures.

Ethan Brown, founder of Beyond Meat, states:

To give the meat its fat, for instance, canola oil is evenly mixed throughout the product. That’s not really how it works in an animal. The fat can be a sheath on tendons.

The article also explains how some companies are growing meat cells in labs. Modern Meadow, a New York City startup, takes cells from cows and cultures them to grow into meat. Modern Meadow founder Andras Forgacs compared the process to culturing yogurt or brewing beer. Cultured meat will help end the suffering and needless slaughter of animals while providing consumers with the tastes and textures they desire.

These startups are a big deal and have caught the attention of big companies. In 2014, Pinnacle Foods, the maker of Hungry-Man dinners and Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup, paid a whopping $154 million to acquire vegan food producer Gardein. Pinnacle CEO Robert Gamgort said meat alternatives are industry-changing for meat the way soy and almond milk were for dairy.

These compassionate companies could spell the end of factory farming in our lifetime! Be a part of this exciting change by switching to a plant-based diet today. Click here for free recipes and tips.