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Israel Experiencing Vegan Boom

Reuters reports that a vegan revolution is underway in Israel! Recent surveys reveal 5 percent of the population is vegan, 8 percent identifies as vegetarian, and a whopping 13 percent is considering making the switch.

Tel Aviv, recently named a top destination for vegan travelers by U.S. food website The Daily Meal, boasts some 400 food establishments that are certified “vegan friendly by a national animal rights group. There are 700 certified restaurants throughout Israel.

Even Domino’s Pizza got in on the trend, offering a vegan version of its pies to Israelis. The chain has sold over half a million vegan pizzas in just the last year.

But this vegan boom isn’t limited to chain restaurants; the Israeli military has also started offering vegan meals and providing soldiers with the options of leatherless boots and wool-free berets.

Israeli animal activism is a force to contend with. Just last week local activists chained themselves to the gate of a meat processing plant. Joining them was national celebrity Tal Gilboa, who won the country’s version of Big Brother last year.

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