Johnny Rockets Launches Into Vegan Food - Mercy For Animals

Johnny Rockets Launches Into Vegan Food

Animal-friendly food is getting even more mainstream, with yet another popular restaurant chain adding tasty vegan options to its menu.

Business Insider reports that Johnny Rockets just debuted a test menu featuring products from Gardein, the creators of delicious meat alternatives that include chick’n sliders and fishless filets. These new options have the potential to help countless animals suffering on modern farms.

The article offers another exciting tidbit: Gardein “is also in talks with Chili’s, which has more than 1,500 restaurants.

Animals raised on factory farms are subjected to extreme confinement, mutilations without painkillers, and merciless slaughter. With so many restaurants offering delicious vegan options, it’s never been easier to transition to a meat-free diet.

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