Lab-Grown Meat May Soon Become Totally Affordable

In 2013, the first lab-grown hamburger made its debut in London, paving the way for a future in which animals are not raised and slaughtered for meat.

With a price tag of roughly $330,000 and many years of scientific research, the creation of this first lab-grown burger allowed scientists to perfect the process, but was obviously cost prohibitive.

Now, according to, scientists have slashed the production costs, making lab-grown meat more viable.

“I do think that in 20, 30 years from now we will have a viable industry producing alternative beef, said cultured meat scientist Dr. Mark Post.

“In fact, professor Mark Post told ABC Australia he estimates he will soon be able to cut costs down to just about $11 per burger, the article explains. 

This is exciting news for those of us who care about farmed animals. Meat grown in labs requires zero animal slaughter. It would also eliminate the harmful environmental effects of raising animals on factory farms.

With animal agriculture accounting for an overwhelming number of greenhouse gas emissions and the daily suffering of billions of factory-farmed animals, lab-grown meat has enormous potential to foster positive global change.

But you need not wait for lab-grown meat to come to a grocery store near you. There are tons of delicious, totally meat-free options that are sure to satisfy even the most devout carnivore.

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