Lambs Are Gentle and Kind, So Why the Heck Would You Want to Kill Them?!

Lambs are sweet, gentle animals, often portrayed in children’s stories as soft and pure. Yet each spring millions of these intelligent, sensitive creatures are violently slaughtered after suffering immensely at factory farms. Let us fill you in.

The USDA reports that more than 2 million lambs were killed for meat in 2016. Just like cows, pigs, and chickens, lambs are raised at filthy factory farms, subjected to barbaric mutilations, and violently slaughtered.

Lambs are usually “tail docked just a few weeks after they are born. This cruel and painful mutilation is performed without anesthetics and often leads to infection, chronic pain, and rectal prolapse.

While their natural lifespan is about 15 years, lambs raised at factory farms are slaughtered at around six to eight months of age. Yes, that’s right—all lambs killed for food are just babies.

Mother sheep are deeply caring and form strong bonds with their babies. In fact, they can recognize their lambs who have wandered too far away by their calls. Sadly, this bond is broken at factory farms where lambs are ripped away from their mothers within just a few days of being born.

But lambs are not only sweet and gentle; they’re also highly intelligent. Lambs are capable of problem solving and considered to have IQs that rival those of cows. They have great memories and can recall at least 50 individual sheep for years!

Through sophisticated communication skills, lambs use various vocalizations to express different emotions. They can even convey emotion through facial expressions. Let that sink in for a minute.

How can anyone hurt these smart, gentle animals?

At the kill floor of the slaughterhouse, scared lambs are often ineffectively stunned and have their throats violently cut open while still conscious. We hear countless stories of lambs trying to flee being killed. Just read this story of a frightened animal at a Chicago slaughterhouse who made a panicked escape to save his own life.

No animal wants to die.

Watch this sickening undercover footage shot by Swiss animal rights organization PEA—Pour l’EgalitĂ© Animale (For Animal Equality) that shows fully conscious sheep desperately trying to escape brutal slaughter. It’s truly devastating.

People who are opposed to animal cruelty often cling to the idea that eating meat is necessary. But the science is clear: Humans are more than capable of living happy, healthy lives without eating meat or other animal products.

It’s time to put our ethics on the table and stop eating lambs and all other animals. We can live our values of kindness by switching to a vegan diet. Click here to get started. And check out our Pinterest page for thousands of recipe ideas!