These Three Food Companies Were Voted “Least Trusted by Animal Lovers”

The public has chosen. After a close contest with thousands of votes, Dunkin’, McCormick, and Best Western were chosen as the Least Trusted by Animal Lovers.  

More than eight out of 10 hens exploited for their eggs spend most of their lives locked in metal cages where they cannot fully open their wings—and people are taking notice. In a multinational study of consumer attitudes toward hen welfare, most respondents agreed that it mattered to them that chickens producing eggs do not suffer.

Today, Mercy For Animals announced the results of the public poll that gave consumers a chance to vote on which restaurants, food giants, and hotels they least trust on animal welfare.

Why corporate accountability for cage-free eggs? 

Corporations significantly impact people, animals, and nature. Given their outsize impact, we must hold corporations accountable for their commitments to animal welfare, including their cage-free commitments.

As for our awardees, a series of public actions will bring to light their lack of transparency on animal welfare.

Which corporations were voted Least Trusted by Animal Lovers?

In 2021, Inspire Brands—parent company of Dunkin’—announced its commitment to transitioning to a 100% cage-free global egg supply by 2025, but the company is reporting progress only for Dunkin’ in the United States. To date, Dunkin’ has not been transparent with the public about its transition to cage-free eggs in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, and Oceania. 

In 2019, McCormick pledged to use only cage-free eggs in its products by 2025. But with the deadline only two years away, McCormick has reported progress only on their own operations. But what about other companies producing McCormick-brand foods—like the egg-heavy McCormick mayonnaise in Mexico? This lingering question was enough for consumers to choose McCormick as the food giant least trusted by animal lovers.

In 2019, Best Western said it would annually publish progress toward its 100% cage-free deadline of 2025, but it has not followed through. The lack of transparency raises concerns about Best Western’s progress toward its cage-free goal. 

Mercy For Animals urges the Least Trusted by Animal Lovers awardee companies to honor consumer trust by sharing their global progress on cage-free egg commitments as soon as possible.

What You Can Do

Spread the word, and reach out to companies on social media to urge them to be transparent across their global operations.