Manure Lagoon Fumes Kill More Than 1,000 Pigs

Earlier this month, noxious gas emissions from a manure lagoon killed more than 1,000 pigs in Iowa.

This tragedy shines a light on the disgusting conditions of modern-day factory farms.

Each year, billions of animals are ruthlessly abused and violently slaughtered for meat, dairy, and eggs. Because thousands of animals may be crammed into one farming facility at a time, millions of tons of feces, urine, and blood require disposal. The result is massive manure lagoons full of toxic waste.

Here’s a drone video of a pig factory farm in North Carolina:

These revolting manure pits not only pose a risk to animals; they also harm people and the environment. In July, lagoon fumes killed a father and son in Iowa. What’s more, a vile phenomenon known as fecal foam has led to explosions from buildup of noxious gases.

Manure pits are also known to leach toxic waste into water tables. To empty the pits, some farmers use misters to disperse the waste into the air. Nearby communities have complained of the horrific smell, and some residents have blamed misting for respiratory illnesses.

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