Secret Video Exposes High-Speed Torture in the Pork Industry

A hidden-camera investigation has uncovered sickening cruelty to pigs at a Hormel pork supplier. Quality Pork Producers, which uses one of the fastest slaughter lines in the U.S., kills an astounding 1,300 pigs every hour. It operates under a USDA pilot program known as “HIMP that allows for high-speed slaughter and reduced government oversight.

Today’s investigative release by Compassion Over Killing shows how the excessive slaughter line speed forces workers to take shortcuts that lead to extreme suffering for millions of pigs.

The disturbing undercover video shows animals covered in feces and suffering from pus-filled abscesses, pigs who are unable to walk being beaten and dragged across the floor, and numerous others being improperly stunned before they are dumped—potentially still conscious—into tanks of boiling water.

You can watch the shocking investigative footage here:

Mercy For Animals has exposed rampant abuse throughout the pork industry, including pregnant pigs confined for months at a time in barren metal cages so small they are unable to turn around, piglets having their testicles ripped out by hand without any painkillers, and piglets routinely slammed headfirst into concrete floors.

You can stand up to this cruelty and help these animals today. Join the millions of compassionate people worldwide who are choosing delicious meat-free meals.