MFA Confronts Tyson Outside U.S. Supreme Court for Abusing Workers, Animals

As Tyson Foods lawyers entered the Supreme Court of the United States to argue over labor issues in Tyson Foods, Inc. v. Bouaphakeo this morning, they were confronted by protesters wielding signs bearing disturbing images of battered and bloody chickens and the message “Tyson: Cheating Workers, Torturing Animals.

Members of Mercy For Animals are demanding that Tyson—the largest poultry producer in the world—adopt meaningful animal welfare standards for chickens killed for meat after a recent undercover investigation at a Tyson slaughterhouse exposed birds being kicked, punched, and thrown; and having their heads ripped off while still alive.

Two weeks ago, Tyson and six slaughterhouse workers were charged with 33 counts of animal cruelty after hidden-camera footage obtained by MFA revealed workers violently punching, throwing, and otherwise maliciously torturing animals. The secret video also showed improperly shackled chickens missing the kill blade and having their heads ripped off while still conscious and able to feel pain. This is the third undercover investigation by MFA since July 2015 exposing ongoing and systemic animal abuse in Tyson’s poultry supply chain.

MFA’s investigation of a Tyson chicken factory farm that supplied meat for McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets exposed the owners of the farm stabbing birds with spiked clubs and breaking their necks by standing on their heads and pulling their wings or bodies. The farm owners were convicted of criminal animal cruelty. Another MFA investigation at a different Tyson chicken factory farm showed birds bred to grow so fast they often died from heart attacks and organ failure and birds living for weeks in their own waste and toxic ammonia fumes.

Despite the fact that chickens account for more than 95 percent of the animals killed for food in the U.S., not a single federal law protects them on farms and they are excluded from the federal Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. That’s why more than 350,000 consumers have signed petitions by MFA and TV legend Candice Bergen calling on Tyson to implement meaningful animal welfare requirements.

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