Panera Bread to Offer More Plant-Based Proteins

With more than 1,800 locations nationwide, Panera Bread is one of the country’s largest chain restaurants. That’s why Panera’s growing interest in plant-based protein options is so exciting.

“We know that guests are increasingly seeking plant-based proteins for personal health reasons and/or to reduce their environmental impact, said Sara Burnett, Panera’s director of wellness and food policy, in a recent Fortune article. Among the new possible menu additions? Edamame and quinoa.

But consumers aren’t only looking to improve their health and safeguard the environment; many are also waking up to the harsh reality animals face on modern-day factory farms. In fact, it’s the reason so many people forgo animal products entirely in favor of a truly humane vegan diet.

Panera isn’t the only restaurant that’s taken notice. A slew of national chains, including Chipotle, Wendy’s, White Castle, and even Ikea, has recently started offering new plant-based menu options. Check out this video on all the delicious vegan offerings at restaurants around the country:

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