Meat Without Slaughter? Here’s How You Can Help Make That a Reality

Following their debut of the world’s first “clean meatball, Silicon Valley startup Memphis Meats had thousands of people reaching out to ask how they could play a part in this historic movement for meat without animals.

In response, this week the company announced an Indiegogo campaign that will spread the word about clean meat.

This revolutionary campaign will lay the foundation for the mainstream adoption of clean meat, which will be vital in helping animals and the planet. Each dollar donated will help spread the word about clean meat to an estimated 17 people. Donors will also get name recognition and some pretty sweet Memphis Meats swag as a gift.

Sounds exciting, right? Watch.

If you’re unable to contribute monetarily, it’s no problem! There are still plenty of ways you can join this movement. You can sign up for the Memphis Meats newsletter, join their Thunderclap campaign, and help spread the word by posting on your social media channels with the hashtag #mmfirstbite and a link to the campaign.

Clean meat requires zero animal slaughter. It would also eliminate the harmful environmental effects of raising animals on factory farms.

Animal agriculture accounts for an overwhelming number of greenhouse gas emissions and the daily suffering of billions of factory-farmed animals. Clean meat has enormous potential to foster positive global change.

But you need not wait for clean meat to come to a grocery store near you. There are tons of delicious, totally meat-free options that are sure to satisfy even the most devout carnivore.

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