MFA Launches New Consumer Warning TV Ad Campaign Exposing Butterball’s Criminal Cruelty to Turkeys

182064_489628111058009_635224359_n.jpgOn the heels of Mercy For Animals’ breaking new undercover investigation into Butterball, MFA has launched a powerful new television ad campaign leading up to Thanksgiving Day, revealing the horrific suffering and neglect that takes place behind the closed doors of Butterball’s factory farms. The ad, which is airing in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Raleigh-Durham, NC–home to Butterball headquarters–features shocking footage from MFA’s 2011 Butterball investigation, giving nearly a million households a chance to witness the ongoing cruelties animals face at the world’s largest turkey producer. The gut-wrenching ad serves as a consumer warning, exposing Americans to Butterball employees’ criminal animal cruelty convictions.

See the video here:

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