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MFA Protests Amazon Shareholders Over Sale of Tortured Duck Liver

As reported in USA Today, Seattle Weekly, GeekWire, and several television and radio outlets, yesterday, Mercy For Animals supporters converged in front of Amazon’s annual shareholders meeting in Seattle, Washington, to protest the decision of CEO Jeff Bezos to continue selling cruel foie gras—the diseased, fatty liver of force-fed ducks—on the company’s website.

Wielding signs and banners bearing heartbreaking images of ducks with pipes rammed down their throats and the messages “Jeff Bezos: Please Protect Animals. Ban Foie Gras and “Amazon Supports Animal Torture, activists urged Amazon—the world’s largest online retailer—to immediately end the sale of foie gras on its website. Inside the meeting, Bezos was grilled about the company’s stubborn stance on this issue during the question and answer session. Bezos weakly replied that the company would continue to review the matter.

The company has been “reviewing the matter for two years, ever since an MFA undercover investigation revealed egregious cruelty at an Amazon foie gras supplier: workers violently grabbing ducks by their wings and necks and shoving metal pipes down their throats to force-feed the birds, ducks hyperventilating from their unnaturally large livers pressing against their lungs, and workers shackling fully conscious ducks upside down and slitting their throats.

Forcing a pipe down a duck’s throat and cramming food into his stomach until his liver swells to 10 times its natural size is so patently cruel the practice has been banned in California and more than a dozen countries, and leading chefs and groceries, including Wolfgang Puck, Whole Foods Market, Costco, Safeway, Giant Eagle, and Target, rightly refuse to sell foie gras.

Amazon has the power and responsibility to ensure that products sold on its website are not the result of blatant animal abuse. The company has already banned the sale of foie gras on its U.K. website, and has banned other inherently cruel products on its U.S. website, including shark fins, whale meat, bear bile, ivory, snake and crocodile skin, seal fur, and any part of a dog or cat. It’s time Amazon implemented an ethical and humane policy that bans the sale of foie gras too.

Compassionate consumers can help end the torture of ducks for foie gras by signing and sharing our petition at

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