MFA Staffers Complete 545-Mile Bike Ride to Fight HIV/AIDS

On June 4, Jake Morton, Mercy For Animals’ vice president of operations, and Nathan Runkle, MFA’s founder and president, embarked on a 545-mile bike ride to raise money for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and Los Angeles LGBT Center. The all-plant-based team, which also included friends of MFA, went by the name Team VegOut.

They not only raised awareness and funds in the fight to end HIV/AIDS but also promoted the benefits of a healthy plant-based diet.

Team VegOut’s eye-catching cycling kit drew together all the plant-based athletes while inspiring others to adopt a compassionate vegan diet. The team’s favorite catchphrase, “on your left, was a symbol of their plant-powered strength as they passed a fellow rider.

The over 3,000 cyclists and roadies who travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles for the AIDS/Lifecycle call the journey “The Love Bubble. With that nickname, it should come as no surprise that it’s full of compassionate people. About 20 percent of all riders chose to ditch meat, dairy, and eggs as they biked over 100 miles some days.

Intersectionality is vital to who we are at MFA. This is why we were a proud sponsor of Team VegOut and their mission of inspiring countless allies to consider a vegan diet and encouraging the LA LGBT Center and SF AIDS Foundation to increase their plant-based dining options. Building bridges across movements is a critical step in advancing animal rights.

Join Team VegOut and millions of others worldwide who have made the compassionate decision to go vegan and reduce animal suffering. Get started by clicking here!

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