MFA’s Top 10 Most-Watched Videos of 2016

As we get ready to ring in the new year, here’s a look back at our most-watched videos from 2016.

1. Because excuses don’t save animals.

2. That time black beans had beef with beef.

3. Everyone loved Chef Babette Davis!

4. Our second Mexico investigation video left us all speechless.

5. This video reminded people just how terrible factory farming is.

6. Just about everyone was stunned to learn chickens purr!

7. Our undercover investigation at a Tyson Foods farm shocked the sh*t out of people.

8. Yet again plant-based foods beat out the competition!

9. This avocado pesto pasta recipe had us drooling!

10. That time we spit the truth.

From undercover investigations exposing how terrible farmed animals are treated to happy endings showing the love and compassion they deserve to delicious and nutritious plant-based foods, our top videos from 2016 cover it all.

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