MFA’s Top 10 Most-Watched Videos of 2017

This year at Mercy For Animals we’ve shared dozens of videos, from adorable stories of rescued farmed animals to powerful undercover investigations. These videos have garnered over 200 million views on Facebook, changing hearts and minds worldwide.

As we get ready to ring in the new year, here’s a look back at our most-watched videos from 2017.

1. Excuses

2. Dairy Industry Drone Investigation

3. Dr. Montgomery

4. In Another Life

5. Animals Are Not Trash

6. Chickens Purr

7. I Am…

8. I Will Never…

9. Imagine Life

10. Do You Think This Is Right?

Our powerful videos give a voice to the voiceless and educate people about the horrors of factory farming. By choosing compassion and switching to a vegan diet, we can spare more farmed animals than ever in 2018!

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