Move Over, Beef! Tempeh Gaining Popularity in U.S.

Tempeh, a vegan protein powerhouse made of soybeans, recently captured the attention of The Washington Post.

A delicious soy food loaded with nutrients and the same amount of protein as beef, tempeh could be the answer to your New Year’s resolution to eat more healthily.

“Fermentation makes tempeh quite possibly the most nutritious, digestible form of soy around. It’s also one of the least-processed, using the whole bean (as opposed to tofu, made from soy milk), the author explains.

“At least in this month of resolutions and recovery, tempeh should be on your agenda. And it doesn’t need to taste like punishment: Tempeh has much more than nutrition to recommend it, including an earthy, slightly bitter, even somewhat sweet flavor and a firm, nutty texture, giving it more character than tofu will ever possess, he continues. “Yet, like tofu, it can be a chameleon, soaking up more flavor from marinades and sauces, which makes it surprisingly versatile.

In addition to being delicious, tempeh has a rich history. Several centuries ago, tempeh was born on the Indonesian island of Java. Now it’s found its way into savory and creative American cuisine: from delicious tempeh bacon to healthful salads and everything in between, tempeh can do it all.

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