New Poll Finds One in 12 U.K. Parents Raising Vegan Children

According to a new poll by Voucher Codes Pro, one in 12 U.K. parents is raising vegan children.

In response to a high number of searches for discounts on vegan and vegetarian products, the company surveyed over 2,200 people with children under 12. Of the parents raising their children vegan, 61 percent said the main reason for ditching animal products was health, while 35 percent said it was for ethical reasons concerning animal welfare. All the parents of vegan children said they were also vegan.

George Charles, a representative for Voucher Codes Pro, told Plant Based News:
With Veganuary in full swing and so many people searching for vegan and vegetarian-related discounts on our site, we wanted to find out if any parents were raising their children on these meat free and vegan diets. The figures were higher than we expected and I personally was shocked to find that, for the most part, it’s the parent’s decision rather than the child’s.
Raising a vegan child is truly one of the best decisions a parent can make. A 2015 study found that going vegan at an early age significantly lowers one’s risk of heart disease.

With the health benefits of a plant-based diet firmly established, many schools are offering more vegan meals. In fact, over 50 school districts nationwide observe Meatless Monday. And all 1,800 public schools in the New York City district now offer at least one vegan option.

Raising a vegan child also spares countless animals a life of misery at factory farms. Pigs, cows, and chickens are treated like unfeeling objects, and their short lives are marked by unimaginable cruelties: intensive confinement, agonizing mutilations, and violent deaths.

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