NY Times: Ag-Gag Laws Have No Place in American Society

The editorial board for The New York Times has published a scathing indictment of the animal agricultural industry and its efforts to keep consumers in the dark about routine animal abuse on factory farms.

“Factory farm operators believe that the less Americans know about what goes on behind their closed doors, the better for the industry, the board states. “That’s because the animals sent through those factories often endure an unimaginable amount of mistreatment and abuse.

In graphic detail, the editorial describes many horrific crimes uncovered by brave investigators, including cows dragged by their necks and chickens thrown against walls. These examples reference just a couple of Mercy For Animals investigations.

Such investigations have led to arrests and convictions of animal abusers and stronger laws and corporate animal welfare policies to protect animals from the worst factory farm cruelty.

Unfortunately, corrupt legislators in some states are working overtime to pass “ag-gag laws designed to shield animal abusers from public scrutiny and sweep evidence of animal abuse under the rug. They don’t want to stop animal abuse. They just want to stop people from finding out about it.

But as the editorial points out, the public relies on “journalists and activists to expose dangerous abuses and misconduct by businesses and ag-gag laws are “a clear violation of the constitutional freedoms of speech and the press.

Americans have a right to know how animals on factory farms are treated so they can make informed choices. The Times concludes: “The secrecy promoted by ag-gag laws should have no place in American society.

Please join the #NoAgGag movement today and help spread the word about factory farming’s dirty secrets. Don’t let the meat industry gag you!